ProvSec 2017
The 11th International Conference on Provable Security

October 23 - 25,2017,Xi'an,China

   ProvSec 2017

     11th International Conference, ProvSec 2017, Xi'an, China, October 23-25, 2017, Proceedings

     Accepted papers

     Provably Secure Self-Extractable Encryption

  Zhi   Liang (Beihang University, China)
  Qianhong   Wu (Beihang University, China)
  Weiran   Liu (Beihang University, China)
  Jianwei   Liu (Beihang University, China)
  Fu   Xiao (Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications, China)

     Impossibility of the Provable Security of the Schnorr Signature from the One-more DL Assumption in the Non-programmable Random Oracle Model

  Masayuki   Fukumitsu (Hokkaido Information University,Japan)
  Shingo   Hasegawa (Tohoku University, Japan)

     Practical and Robust Secure Logging from Fault-Tolerant Sequential Aggregate Signatures

  Gunnar    Hartung (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT),Germany)
  Bj枚rn    Kaidel (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT),Germany)
  Alexander   Koch (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT),Germany)
  Jessica   Koch (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT),Germany)
  Dominik   Hartmann (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT),Germany)

     Long-Term Secure Time-Stamping using Preimage-Aware Hash Functions

  Ahto   Buldas (Tallinn University of Technology,Estonia)
  Matthias  Geihs (TU Darmstadt,Germany)
  Johannes   Buchmann (TU Darmstadt,Germany)

     INT-RUP Security of Checksum-based Authenticated Encryption

  Ping   Zhang (University of Science and Technology of China ,China)
  Peng  Wang (Institute of Information Engineering of Chinese Academy of Sciences ,China)
  Honggang  Hu (University of Science and Technology of China ,China)
  Changsong  Chen (The Third Research Institute of Ministry of Public Security ,China)
  Wenke  Kuai (State Grid Anhui Electric Power Company ,China)

     Bit Security of the Hyperelliptic Curves Diffie-Hellman Problem

  Fangguo   Zhang (Sun Yat-sen University ,China)

     Verifiably Encrypted Group Signatures

  Zhen   Wang (Beihang University ,China)
  Xiling   Lou (Beihang University ,China)
  Qianhong  Wu (Beihang University ,China)

     Bootstrapping Fully Homomorphic Encryption with Ring Plaintexts within Polynomial Noise

  Long   Chen (Chinese Academy of Sciences ,China)
  Zhenfeng  Zhang (Chinese Academy of Sciences ,China)

     Natural sd-RCCA secure Public-key encryptions

  Yuan   Chen (Xidian University ,China)
  Qingkuan  Dong (Xidian University ,China)
  Qiqi  Lai (Shaanxi Normal University ,China)

     Fuzzy Public-Key Encryption Based on Biometric Data

  Hui  Cui (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology ,Australia)
  Man Ho   Au (The Hong Kong Polytechnic University ,Hong Kong)
  Baodong  Qin (Xi'an University of Posts and Telecommunications ,China)
  Xun  Yi (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology ,Australia)
  Robert.  H.  Deng (Singapore Management University ,Singapore)

     Towards Multi-user Searchable Encryption Supporting Boolean Query and Fast Decryption

  Yunling  Wang (Xidian University ,China)
  Jianfeng  Wang (Xidian University ,China)
  Shifeng  Sun (Monash University ,Australia)
  Joseph  K.   Liu (Monash University ,Australia)
  Willy  Susilo (University of Wollongong ,Australia)
  Xiaofeng  Chen (Xidian University ,China)

     Deniable Ring Authentication based on Projective Hash Functions

  Shengke  Zeng (Xihua University ,China)
  Yi  Mu (University of Wollongong ,Australia)
  Guomin  Yang (University of Wollongong ,Australia)
  Mingxing  He (Xihua University ,China)

     Provable Secure Constructions for Broadcast Encryption with Personalized Messages

  Kamalesh  Acharya (IIT KHARAGPUR ,India)
  Ratna  Dutta (IIT KHARAGPUR ,India)

     On the Hardness of Sparsely Learning Parity with Noise

  Hanlin  Liu (Shanghai JiaoTong University ,China)
  Di  Yan (Shanghai JiaoTong University ,China)
  Yu  Yu (Shanghai JiaoTong University ,China)
  Shuoyao  Zhao (Shanghai JiaoTong University ,China)

     A New Blockchain-based Value-Added Tax System

  Dimaz  Ankaa Wijaya (Monash University ,Australia)
  Joseph K.  Liu (Monash University ,Australia)
  Dony  Suwarsono (Directorate General of Taxes ,Indonesia)
  Peng  Zhang (Shenzhen University ,China)

     Provable Secure Signature Scheme based on Isomorphism of Polynomials in Quantum Random Oracle Model

  Bagus  Santoso (University of Electro-Communications ,Japan)
  Chunhua  Su (University of Aizu ,Japan)

     Provably Secure Homomorphic Signcryption

  Fatemeh  Rezaeibagha (University of Wollongong ,Australia)
  Yi  Mu (University of Wollongong ,Australia)
  Shiwei  Zhang (University of Wollongong ,Australia)
  Xiaofen  Wang (University of Electronic Science and Technology of China ,China)

     Private Subgraph Matching Protocol

  Zifeng  Xu (Northeastern University ,China)
  Fucai  Zhou (Northeastern University ,China)
  Yuxi  Li (Northeastern University ,China)
  Jian  Xu (Northeastern University ,China)
  Qiang  Wang (Northeastern University ,China)

     Verifiable Private Polynomial Evaluation

  Xavier  Bultel (Universit茅 Clermont Auvergne ,France)
  Manik Lal  Das (DA-IICT ,India)
  Hardik  Gajera (DA-IICT ,India)
  David  Gerault (Universit茅 Clermont Auvergne ,France)
  Matthieu  Giraud (Universit茅 Clermont Auvergne ,France)
  Pascal  Lafourcade (Universit茅 Clermont Auvergne ,France)

     An Efficient Key-Policy Attribute-Based Searchable Encryption in Prime-Order Groups

  Ru  Meng (Shaanxi Normal University ,China)
  Kaitai  Liang (Manchester Metropolitan University ,United Kingdom)
  Jianting  Ning (National University of Singapore ,Singapore)
  Jinguang  Han (University of Surrey ,United Kingdom)
  Willy  Susilo (University of Wollongong ,Australia)
  Yanwei  Zhou (Shaanxi Normal University ,China)

     Secure Multi-label Classification over Encrypted Data in Cloud

  Yang  Liu (Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics ,China)
  Xingxin  Li (Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics ,China)
  Youwen  Zhu (Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics ,China)
  Jian  Wang (Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics ,China)
  Zhe  Liu (Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics ,China)

     Public-Key Encryption with Simulation-Based Sender Selective-Opening Security

  Dali  Zhu (University of Chinese Academy of Sciences ,China)
  Renjun  Zhang (University of Chinese Academy of Sciences ,China)
  Dingding  Jia (University of Chinese Academy of Sciences ,China)

     A Secure Cloud Backup System with Deduplication and Assured Deletion

  Junzuo  Lai (Jinan University ,China)
  Jie  Xiong (Jinan University ,China)
  Chuansheng  Wang (Jinan University ,China)
  Guangzheng  Wu (Jinan University ,China)
  Yanling  Li (Jinan University ,China)

     New framework of Password-based Authenticated Key Exchange from Only-one Lossy Encryption

  Haiyang  Xue (Chinese Academy of Sciences ,China)
  Bao  Li (Chinese Academy of Sciences ,China)
  Jingnan  He (Chinese Academy of Sciences ,China)

     Leakage-Resilient Non-Interactive Key Exchange in the Continuous-Memory Leakage Setting

  Suvradip  Chakraborty (Indian Institute of Technology Madras ,India)
  Janaka  Alawatugoda (University of Peradeniya ,Sri Lanka)
  C Pandu  Rangan (Institute of Technology Madras ,Indian)

     An Efficient Certificateless Proxy Re-Encryption Scheme without Pairing

  Sharmila Deva Selvi S (Indian Institute of Technology Madras ,India)
  Arinjita  Paul (Indian Institute of Technology Madras ,India)
  Chandrasekaran  Pandurangan (Institute of Technology Madras ,Indian)

     Homomorphic Secret Sharing from Paillier Encryption

  Nelly  Fazio (City College of New York ,United States)
  Rosario  Gennaro (City College of New York ,United States)
  Tahereh  Jafarikhah (City College of New York ,United States)
  William  Skeith (City College of New York ,United States)

     Revocable Predicate Encryption from Lattices

  San  Ling (Nanyang Technological University ,Singapore)
  Khoa  Nguyen (Nanyang Technological University ,Singapore)
  Huaxiong  Wang (Nanyang Technological University ,Singapore)
  Juanyang  Zhang (Nanyang Technological University ,Singapore)

     Mergeable Functional Encryption

  Vincenzon  Iovino (University of Luxembourg ,Luxembourg)
  Karol  Zebrowski (University of Warsaw ,Poland)

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