Our laboratory has a rich set of prominent academics and experts from all over the world.



We have run several projects in the context of computer networks successfully before.



We are keen to share our findings with other academics to extend the borders of science.


Cloud Service

ANSLab provides cloud services for its members to facilitate information exchange among them.


Our vision and mission

The goal of ANSLab is to provide genuine solutions to the problems in the main areas of "Cyber Security" and "Distributed & Complex Networks" by means of research. ANSLab has defined the third goal of "Research & Development" in order to bring the research out of the box by implementing prototypes and even commercializing some ideas. ANSLab tends to become a world leader in turning ideas into reality.

Our mission is to enable researchers by connecting them together and to our industrial partners so that their knowledge can find its right place in the puzzle. We strive to promote the place of academia in industry and bridge these two environments.

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Here is a Research Tip (Bombshell)

Soon stock markets will experience a much noisier climate which is gonna last long. The big trends will remain though. This is a byproduct of the advancements in artifitial intelligence.

M. S. Haghighi, May 2020

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