Members' Expertise

ANSLab members have a suite of expertise in different areas of IT including (but not limited to) Internet of Things, Wireless Distributed Networks, Security Protocols, Malware and Security Attacks, Watermarking, Wireless & Mobile Security, Smart Grid Security, Cloud Computing, Big Data and Distributed Applications Security, Software Security, Trusted Computing, Secure E-Commerce, Traffic Classification, Malware Classification and Authentication. Please refer to each member's profile for more details.

About our members

Our members have the record of many industrial projects on their resumes. We have a team of talented postgraduate students who not only publish the research outcomes in high quality journals and conferences, but also contribute to the implementation of ideas.

    Dr Mohammad Hesam Tadayon Associate Fellow
     Dr Faezeh Farivar Associate Fellow - Director of Robotics
     Mahmoud Nematollahzadeh PhD Candidate
     Hadeel Ghafari PhD Candidate
    Soheila Barchinezhad PhD Candidate
    Sahar Kouroshnezhad Research Associate
    Maryam Ebrahimi PhD Candidate
    Ghader Ebrahimpour PhD Candidate
    Zahra Zandesh PhD Candidate
    Orwa Nader PhD Candidate
    Abouzar Zahedi Research Associate
    Mohammadreza Karamzadeh Postgraduate Student
    Masoud Mostajer Postgraduate Student
    Maryam Ebrahimi Postgraduate Student
    Zahra Aziminezhad Postgraduate Student
    Ahmad Jahanbin Postgraduate Student
    Aida Mirzadeh Postgraduate Student
    Alireza Sheikhjafari Research Assistant
    Amin Mohammadali Research Assistant
    Saman Ahmadian Research Assistant